School Disciple - Langer Law, P.A.

School discipline is the system of rules, punishments, and behavioral strategies used by schools to maintain order in schools and control students’ actions and behavior. Students must be in compliance with the school rules and codes of conduct. The rules define for example the expected standards of clothing, timekeeping, social conduct and work ethic of its students. The rules also define the consequences or what happens when a student violates on of the rules. Consequences can be minor or severe. Some of the most common consequences include a loss of privileges, detention, and suspension, both in and out of school and at the most extreme, expulsion. Expulsion is when a student is removed or prevented from entering the school system for a period of time or in some instances, permanently.

In the 1980s schools began criminalizing behavior which occurred on school campuses. Penalties were increased and consequences were severe and long reaching. A misdemeanor battery became a felony when the person hit was a teacher. Starting a fight at school became a crime of inciting a riot or interrupting a school function. Children were now being arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted, photographed and placed in jail for actions that occurred on a school campus. Children were now receiving criminal records for actions that occurred on school campuses. With this the school to prison pipeline was born.

Discipline in schools has become excessive. As a result, children are often pushed out of school or drop out of school.

Langer Law, P.A. believes that children should be treated like children, should be allowed to make mistakes and should be in school.